Cabanossi – A South African Version of the Famous Kabanos

If you don’t know what kabanos is, here’s the scoop – it’s a cured, smoked and dried pork sausage snack which originated in Poland. The Cabanossi we’re referring to is just South Africa’s take on the well-known treat, and it can be soft and juicy when freshly made but just becomes better on the bite and taste the drier it gets. However, whether it’s enjoyed rite after it’s been made or after a while is subject to your preference. Both ways, you will just love it.

Salami is the closest comparative to Cabanossi’s unique and exciting flavour.

Ingredients and Process

Although the dish is nowadays made with mainly pork, the Polish dish Kabanos contained horse meat in early days. However, the now-known classic snack contains a mixture of ground pork and beef, along with various spices which usually include paprika and crushed garlic as two key ingredients along with a variety of other spices depending on preference.

For traditional cabanossi, small pieces of bacon can be added, as well as salt and pepper. The basic process of creating this snack is as follows:

  1. The meat is chopped into chunks that will fit your mince maker.
  2. Next the chopped pork and beef is placed into the freezer or fridge to cool it down well.
  3. After removing it from the freezer it gets to be coarse ground through a meat grinder first and then again through a finer plate.
  4. Thereafter, the spices are added and combined with the ground meat.
  5. Then ice is slowly mixed in with the help of a mixer or processor before stuffing the mixture into its sausage casing.
  6. Finally, the cabanossi is smoked in a smoker.
  7. The sausage is then poached or baked after which it is dipped into ice-cold water.
  8. Lastly, after air drying it to the touch, it is re-smoked at low temperatures, this time to give it a more vibrant colour and bring out the smoky taste that everyone loves.

The shelf-life of this snack can be anywhere from a week to months, depending on how it’s stored, preservatives added and the product packaged. Refer to the seller’s expiry dates and conditions for storage to maximise the shelf life.

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