Chilli Bites – All You Need to Know

If you’re looking for biltong sticks with a kick, then chilli bites are the snack for you. These are long thin strips of dried beef, seasoned with red chilli spice for additional flavour.

A Brief Introduction to Biltong

As you may know, fridges and freezers for storing fresh meat were not always around, and in the olden days, different methods were used to preserve food.

Biltong is a snack, traditionally from South Africa, and dates back many years, all the way to the indigenous Khoisan people. This innovative group took the meat from various types of animals, and hung it out to air-dry after seasoning it with salt. This served as their “fridge” in a way as it allowed them to keep food fresh for longer.

Later on, the Dutch settlers or now known as Afrikaners, took this unusual process of preservation and altered it through adding more spices and making slight changes in the production thereof. For a more comprehensive explanation on Biltong, check out this article.

How Do Chilli Bites Differ From Regular Biltong?

Although the spicy flavour is a huge part of what distinguishes this unique snack from the regular dried meat called biltong, there’s more to it.

Where biltong is usually dried in chunky, large pieces and only sliced into small bite-size bits after the drying process, chilli bites are cut into fine strips prior to drying. This makes it dry quicker, resulting in a crispier and dryer texture.

The same base ingredients of biltong are still used to make these, including, but not limited to salt, coriander, and nutmeg. However, the overall taste is completely different.

For this snack, leaner pieces of meat are mostly used though this is not necessarily the norm as it depends on personal preference.

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