Have You Ever Heard of Chakalaka Wors?

The name “Chakalaka wors” (wors is the Afrikaans for sausage) might sound alien and give way to thoughts of strange dishes. However, the taste of this unique relish and sausage combination is to die for.

What Goes Into This Meaty Product?

This sausage delivers a spicy and sweet taste with a sour undertone. The Chakalaka part is typically made from a combination of ingredients, which may include:

  • Baked beans
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Chilli
  • Garlic
  • Turmeric
  • And a variety of other vegetables

The sausage part can be made from any type of meat. Although, it’s typical in South Africa to use “boerewors”, which is a type of sausage made from mainly beef and spices, but can also contain lamb and pork meat in the mixture. Netvleish Chakalaka Wors features a 50/50 beef/pork meat block.

Where Did Chakalaka Originate?

The relish originated in the townships of South Africa, and is now used in many dishes as a source of flavour. The spicy relish is widely used as a classic condiment for “pap en wors”, which is a staple at South African barbecues.

 “Pap” is an Afrikaans term that refers to porridge. However, in this case means salted maize porridge. The South African local lingo for barbecue is “braai”, a popular way to prepare meats on open or gas fire while entertaining or hosting a get-together.

Thus, the chakalaka wors is the perfect main ingredient to add an exciting taste to your meal, whether it’s to serve as the sausage for an out of the ordinary hotdog, the meat you choose for your barbecue day, or to enjoy with some thick and salty maize porridge.

Get It From Us

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Chanel Gauche
Author: Chanel Gauche


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  1. Elize says:

    This is just the best sausage ever, try it for sure if you love some spice in your life! 🙂

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