No Barbecue is Complete without Sosaties on the Grill

If you’re not from South Africa, you may be wondering what this mystery dish “Sosaties” is, and why it makes for the perfect grill-out. The answer is simple. It’s a classic skewered meat on a stick that people in SA always bring out on “braai day” or for a barbecue as you may know it. Sosatie is a type of Kebab but has a very specific and unique flavour/taste.

Where Does the Sosatie Come From?

From the early days of settlers in SA, this traditional dish is thought to have originated from the Cape Malay culture.

Cape Malay people came along with Dutch settlers as slaves and spoke Malay, which forms a huge part of the language now known as Afrikaans. The Cape Malays were originally people taken from countries in South East Asia and their cooking methods and dishes, such as sosaties, are now renowned and recreated through all parts of SA.

What Goes Into the Dish?

There are many variants to sosaties, but the typical Cape Malay kebabs feature lamb or mutton, cut into small cubes. Beef and pork is also widely used. Netvleish Sosaties are made with tender Beef cubes. The meat can be accompanied by veggies, such as pieces of onion, peppers or chillies and sometimes even potatoes. After adding the lamb, and possibly vegetables onto a skewer, the kebab is marinated in a spicy and sweet curry sauce.

Ingredients that may be used in the marinade can include apricot jam, turmeric, garlic, and other wet or dry spices of which turmeric would be essential.

Ways to Cook Kebabs and What to Add to the Plate

Sosaties are fairly easy to cook, and as mentioned, the cooking is typical to be done over the fire. However, Sosaties can be grilled on a regular gas griller as well, or pan fried, and even roasted in an oven.

The sweet and savoury sauce of this South African meat skewer lends it to being served with almost anything, from platters at a get-together, to full course meals with starch such as fries, mash, sump or rice and ample veggies.  It can be served as a light starter or snack during drinks. A sosatie can also easily be enjoyed on its own.

Traditional South African Sosaties Now Available in Canada – Online

Basaar BBQ Sosaties are made right here on our farm in the beautiful Peace River Country  by the Netvleish Meat Club team. Whether you seek to impress your friends with your next cook-out or wish to serve it as the main meat dish along with a tasty home-cooked meal for your family, our sosaties are the way to go.

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