Try the Taste of Africa with Boerewors – A Top Quality Sausage

To those who know boerewors, its flavour brings back memories of home. To those who aren’t familiar with the taste, it changes the way they barbecue forever.

The name directly translates to farmer’s sausage and the meat product is made with excellent quality beef, as well as lamb or pork as fillers. For a sausage to be considered real boerewors, the law in South Africa states that at least 9/10 parts need to be meat and only 30% thereof may be fat. The balance may be taken up by spices and vegetables, such as finely chopped onions.

This assures consumers that they’re getting their money’s worth and the product cannot be filled with offal.

How this Traditional Sausage is Made

All the meaty parts are ground into a coarse mince, then stuffed into sausage casings. Before stuffing the mixture into sheep or hog casings, the following spices may also be added:

  • Black pepper
  • Nutmeg
  • Coriander
  • Cloves
  • All Spice

Salt and or vinegar may be added for preservation reasons.

After the sausage is made, it is typically rolled into a coil and sold in this style. Netvleish vacuum packs their Boerewors to seal the freshness in.

What Type of Taste Does It Deliver and Which Dishes Complement the Flavour?

Boerewors can be seen as the most common type of sausage that South Africans eat. Thus, it’s made to be served with almost all dishes and features a simple, yet scrumptious taste of rich beef sausage with only the necessary spice. However, some butchers may add additional special ingredients like garlic or even fruity bits to spruce up the flavour and make it more unique.

In South Africa it’s tradition to BBQ it over hardwood coals, served with coarse maize porridge known as “pap”, and also roasted cheese, tomato and onion sandwiches locally called “braai broodjies”, as well as a variety of salads.

This type of meal usually goes together with drinks and friends or extended family being invited over, known as a “braai”. You may be familiar with the term already, or otherwise identify it as a barbecue.

A Boerewors roll is another typical South African favourite, where boerewors is served on a long bun with tomato relish or other preferred sauces.

Origin of Boerewors and Other Interesting Facts

This type of sausage was originally named by the Afrikaner people, also known as the “boere” or farmers of South Africa. Afrikaans is a language derived mainly from Dutch and Cape Malay, but also includes words from Khoisan, German and French cultures among others.

It was not only the European settlers from countries like France, Germany and the Netherlands that have taken on the language, but also their slaves from South-East Asian countries, known as Cape Malay people.

It is unclear how long boerewors has been in existence, but it’s believed that the original recipe came along with the settlers from the Netherlands, and thus gives the idea that it is at least a couple hundred years old. The dish is also commonly found in other South-African bordering countries like Namibia and Zimbabwe.

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